Safety Wear

Patriot Fire & Safety Services

From the front lines to your bottom line. Our safety team has the real world experience to make safety matter to your team, and the real world knowledge to keep your team safe.

Networking Event

Safety Training Classes

Our staff has engaged hundreds of training sessions to better encourage and enhance a safe working environment. Currently our focus is on fire safety and first aid, but our instructors have a wide training background that we are continually expanding

Forest Fire

Defensible Space

Working in conjunction with our team at Patriot Construction Cleanup, our safety teams have the experience and tools to best advise and structure defensible space and help prevent the risk that wildfires bring. 

Workers with Safety Vests

Safety Audits

Our safety team does vigorous and routine inspections of our own safety programs and practices. We take safety extremely serious and want to make sure we keep ourselves as sharp as possible. Allow us to apply the same rigor and intensity to your programs

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